Politics of Wine & Liquor Brands

Do your politics line up with your drink of choice? To answer this question we looked to GFK MRI survey data to profile over 50 major brands of wine and spirits according to voter registration and turnout history. The findings are summarized in the following bubble chart “Politics of Wine & Liquor Brands.”

The chart shows that Democratic drinkers are more likely to sip clear liquors like Absolut while Republicans prefers darker drinks like Jim Beam. And, perhaps not surprisingly, people who take shots of Jagermeister or Don Julio are much less likely to vote.

The data shows that while Democrats appear to drink a wider variety of spirits (there are more and larger bubbles on the Democratic side), Republicans tend to drink stronger liquor.

What’s more – 14 of the top 15 brands that indicate someone is most likely to vote are wines. The chart shows that Democrats who drink Smoking Loon wine are the most likely to vote while Republicans who prefer Kendall-Jackson and Robert Mondavi wines are the most likely to head to the polls.

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