Strategic Media


Each year NMRPP invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchasing and extensively analyzing raw media and political data from suppliers such as Scarborough, MRI and comScore, as well as Nielsen, Rentrak, and Arbitron. We know of no other political media shop that commits the same investment to media research that we do.

We have more than 2.4 million interviews with adult voters nationally within 77 of the largest media markets from Scarborough Research, and we continually invest in 200,000 interviews every year to keep our data fresh. With thousands of Scarborough interviews in any given media market, we can provide our clients with key insights into voter demographics, lifestyles, interests, and detailed media usage behaviors.

Armed with our unique analysis of Scarborough Research data, we are able to build a detailed media usage profile of your target voters at the congressional, statewide, or national level. NMRPP can politically profile the audiences for every network program on each television station in all applicable media markets, as well as index radio stations and online properties.

Working with you, your creative strategist and your pollster, we will define the target audience in terms of voter turnout, partisanship, and other key variables for your media campaign. Since this information is also useful to press operations, we can provide reports for internal campaign communications planning.

Featured Research

Demographics and Media Behaviors of Key 2012 Voter Groups

Demographics of political consumer segments While demographics alone are not necessarily predictive of political consumer voting behaviors and beliefs, this chart gives a sense of the similarities and differences across the groups. For example, in the upper left among high-turnout Democrats, the top-ranked demographic characteristic is African-American; the index score of 176 means that black […]

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Media Planning and Budgeting

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Using estimated costs and our target voter media usage data, we will prepare a market-by-market, week-by-week media plan as a starting point for internal discussion and revision. This blueprint is continuously revised and updated over the course of the campaign as needed. We are comfortable working within a short period of time. Because our media buyers are actively engaged in markets across the country, we have a strong grasp of the broadcast television, cable television, radio and online inventory currently available.

We are the largest and most experienced Republican media agency and have planned and purchased media in nearly every state. We subscribe to the leading national database (SQAD) that tracks local media costs in all 210 DMA’s. Our budget forecasts will incorporate not only broadcast television, but also cable, radio, Internet, and mobile. Based on your political objectives, we can incorporate all these tools and help you develop a preliminary media budget to help you plan your campaign spending

Buy Management

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Our media staff implements your plan. More than “media buying”, our buying management is daily engagement that includes rate negotiation, ordering, ad trafficking, schedule confirmation, make goods, payments and financial accounting. We have established working relationships with stations, media vendors and rep firms across the country, allowing us to plan, place and implement your media campaign quickly and accurately. Your campaign will benefit from our daily monitoring of your media schedules. We are experienced in renegotiating schedules due to preemptions and unexpected program changes as a result of weather, special events, or other programming interruptions. Inventory that we have identified in our media research to be highly efficient conduits to our target audience is secured as soon as possible, particularly on cable (where local insertable spots are very limited) and in key programming areas (e.g., sports, primetime programs, etc.). Our experience with political windows (45 days before a primary, 60 before the general) and lowest unit rate laws (LUR) for federal candidates helps us maximize your audience while minimizing your costs.

Competitive Tracking

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Recognizing the demand for fast and accurate competitive spending, we developed a proprietary competitive media tracking and management database. This system allows our clients to gain a full perspective of a race’s advertising by all candidates, party organizations, and independent groups. This campaign intelligence is more critical than ever due to the increase in independent expenditure and third party issue group spending.

We monitor competitive spending in real-time. Our competitive tracking team is in daily contact with television and radio outlets to monitor orders placed by political advertisers. We keep you informed about where and how much your opponent is spending as well as market and station level spending with projected GRP totals.

Additionally, we use data provided by the Campaign Media Analysis Group, a unit of Kantar Research, to track the video content of ads run by political advertisers, including station/program and time and date of airing. This gives us a detailed view of our competitors’ and allies’ advertising footprints.

Financial Stewardship

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Managing your money is one of our most important responsibilities. We have an experienced accounting team lead by our in-house CPA. We know the rules and regulations that govern all types of candidate and issue/advocacy campaigns. We provide detailed financial reporting to assist your campaign treasurer in managing your media budget. TV and radio stations require candidates to pre-pay for media schedules. Our accounting team ensures that all payments arrive on time. We don’t cut corners.

Post-Campaign Reconciliation

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Our work doesn’t end on election day. After your campaign is over, we reconcile your media orders and payments against media invoices and affidavits. When we discover discrepancies, we collect refunds and reimburse your campaign. Our in-house CPA leads the six-person finance team that provides complete accounting of every media dollar with appropriate and adequate back-up information. The same process we follow for a $100 million presidential campaign undergoing a mandatory FEC financial audit would be used to account for your entire media buy.


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Since campaigns aren’t 9 to 5 and email is not always the most efficient way for campaign management to share large documents, video files, and other critical advertising-related information, we developed a custom content management system called MyMediaFile. This proprietary service is a secure, password-protected media content management system that provides our clients with a convenient, “one-stop” location to find all advertising-related media information. The campaign determines who has access to MyMediaFile and what levels of access they have once logged into the secure website. MyMediaFile is designed to be easy to use, accessible, secure, and customizable.

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