National Media Research, Planning and Placement (NMRPP) is one of the largest and most successful Republican communications planning and implementation agencies in the United States. Our core business is providing our unique, research-driven approach to media planning and placement for local, statewide, and national campaigns.

Since 1983, we have managed the strategic media services for hundreds of campaigns at every level of elected office, from Mayor to President of the United States. Our work is based on proprietary media intelligence combined with three decades of successful political experience – so we know how to actively engage political consumers with our client’s campaign message.

We are proud to be the nationally recognized leader in political media research, media planning, and media placement for Republican campaigns. We are the innovator in the use of proprietary research analytics to understand the changing ways that voters use traditional and new media.

Our research-based approach to planning and placing media enables our clients to look beyond traditional age and sex demography and plan media strategies that target audiences based on voter turnout and party identification. We are the only political media agency that can truly quantify return on investment. We have consistently achieved 10-25% efficiency gains for campaigns’ media budgets. We quantify our results and are confident we can achieve the same efficiencies for every campaign.

After three decades, we continue to build our reputation by partnering with sophisticated campaign managers who want maximum value from every media dollar they invest. We don’t create your advertising. We deliver it. We work with you and your creative consultants to develop and execute a research-based, highly-targeted, and cost-efficient campaign media plan. If you’re planning a campaign and want to learn more about political media management that can give you a competitive edge, we invite you to explore our website.

In 2009, Robin D. Roberts founded the Washington Media Scholars Foundation. A non-profit organization that provides academic, networking, and scholarship opportunities to college students pursuing a career in the media industry.

National Media Research, Planning and Placement has adopted the foundation as its primary philanthropic cause. Each year National Media employees donate countless hours to create the competition, design promotional and event materials, write the case study, mentor past and present scholars, coordinate events and liaise with donors.

Through the Media Scholars Program and the Media Fellows Program, the foundation has promoted their scholarship and networking opportunities on a national level. As of 2012, the foundation has provided $80,000 in scholarships and hosted 38 students in Washington, DC.

Featured Research

Demographics and Media Behaviors of Key 2012 Voter Groups

Demographics of political consumer segments While demographics alone are not necessarily predictive of political consumer voting behaviors and beliefs, this chart gives a sense of the similarities and differences across the groups. For example, in the upper left among high-turnout Democrats, the top-ranked demographic characteristic is African-American; the index score of 176 means that black […]

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Meet Our


Robin Roberts

Co-Founder and CEO

Robin is widely recognized as a leader and pioneer in the political and issue-advocacy media planning and placement arena. He has supervised strategic media research, planning, and placement for more than 250 campaigns, including the 2000 and 2004 Bush-Cheney presidential campaigns. His proven ability to continually redefine and reinvent the industry during times of constant technological change and increasing audience fragmentation makes NMRPP the preeminent outlet for delivering your campaign’s message.

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